How to Write an Amazing CV

This year we are running an awesome Internship Scheme, helping Brookes students take your first steps into having a career which makes a difference — whether that’s working for a charity, social enterprise or company with a social impact.

Applications are still open (you can submit one here!) and since for many of our interns this is the first job they’ve applied for that wasn’t part-time work, we thought we’d give you a few extra tips (beyond what you find just googling) about how to write an amazing CV and get the internship you deserve!

1. Shout about your volunteering

So many Brookes students have given their time as volunteers — either during term time, like being a part of a society committee or community projects in Oxford (like the ones we run!) or stuff you’ve done in the summer, or even before uni if you’re in the first or second year. Employers (and especially those of us in the social sector) really wanna hear about every time you’ve taken the initiative to do something good, as well as general paid work you’ve had.

2. Talk about your own role in the jobs/experiences you put down — less ‘we’ , and more ‘I’

Whilst it’s great to hear that you were part of a team running a project, or had a job where you helped to organise an event, what employers are really interested in hearing about is what your specific role in those teams was, and what you did to help the job or project function. If you don’t specify exactly what you did then an employer reading your CV may well think you took no initiative and just went along with the group. If you took a key role in the team then that’s awesome, and you should feel proud to put it down!

3. Don’t be ashamed if your CV’s only a page long

Some people can feel like they’re expected to have a CV that’s already two pages long. Whilst this may be true for people several years into their career, if you’ve been a student right after you left school it’s not always possible! So don’t try to fill the space of two pages with what’s not relevant to you now — such as small things you did in 2012, your non-professional hobbies and interests (unless it’s volunteering!) — and don’t worry if what’s relevant comes to one page rather than two.

Now you’re all set to write a CV as good as you deserve 💪 If you have any questions just email it or your CV to

Don’t miss the Brookes Hub internship deadline at 5pm on March 20th 2017. Read more & apply today!