Safety and Comfort: Tips to Enjoy Your Ride

Spring is finally here and if you haven’t already been riding, it’s time to dust of your bike and get moving! Here are some tips to help you enjoy your ride.

Stay Safe. Stay Cool.

If you follow the rules of the road and take care of yourself, you greatly reduce the chance of having an accident. Respect other riders and drivers the same way you’d like to be respected. Use your hands to communicate your intentions (turning, slowing down, etc.).


You want your shoes to fit snugly but still be able to accommodate puffy feet at the end of a long ride. If you’re still struggling with shoe fit, it might be worth investing in a shoe insert to help customize the fit of your shoe to your foot. And try socks with high-tech fibers. They’ll wick away sweat and help give you a more cushioned ride.

Handle Bars

You want to be able to support your upper body without straining your neck and shoulders to help you feel confident and in control. You can regulate your handle bars according to your size and riding style.
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