The Taters & Negativity

Lately the chat has been fun and light hearted and everyone has been having laughs and jokes with each other, including myself. However, It’s gotten slightly out of hand as of late. While I recognize that some people think that negativity is equal to humour.. Sometimes it’s best not to make the joke. I’ve been noticing as of late that more of my community have started joking around with primarily me, but it has spread to other areas of the chat as well.

Jokes are fine, funny jokes are fantastic. However, consistent and constant banter is not what I want to build my community on and I want to be as transparent as possible about how I feel about this.

This community at it’s foundation is one of the most supportive and friendly communities I’ve been blessed to know, and I’m happy to do what I do every day for all of you. I want to see positivity in the chat, I want to see happiness and see my friends and my followers be supported by each other. I’m going to be working with my mods to keep the chat positive and welcoming to everybody, not just a clique of people who want to insult others.

I don’t want people to think that they can’t be themselves. I don’t want people to think that humour and negativity isn't allowed. I do want to see everyone try their hardest to say something nice once a day. To ask someone how they’re doing, to compliment someone. It doesn't even have to be on Twitch.

You never know who’s going through something on any day, and you never know how much of a profound impact your words can carry once they’ve been said. This goes for positive.. and negative.

The Taters are crazy fun and I’m humbled by all of you each day. I’m going to continue trying to be the best person I can be for all of you on the show every day. I want to ask the same of my community when they interact with each other. You don’t have to make jokes that insult others or even myself to be friendly or interact with others, I believe that all of you have incredible things to say, and that you can be funny, humourous, friendly, kind, welcoming and genuine, without being negative.

If you have anything to say, reply to this tweet or send me an email! I always want feedback from my loyal community. ❤