Kehinde Wiley Painting, picture taken by Wesley Morris at Brooklyn Art Museum (2015)

Blue velvet
Her dress

blue stars shimmering on the canvas of a dark universe

Suspended animation

between Nacirema dreams and Bon Nwit’s first flight
Her face

Gently tapped by glitter. Enchantment smiled in that lobby
 I was relieved.
I was scattered by sights of chaos.

Her planet’s gravity slowly grounded me

Sailing in her air of social introversion — Gentle, kind and self-aware

3 fruits of the spirit

Floating in her sea
She walked the keys of the piano with hands bejeweled

Bodies have keys too, they sing under the moon

Sips of Jima wine
 Our layers lay down
 Flat on side, flat on back.
 She moves sweet
 Blue nearly black
 Bejeweled hands rub back and neck
 Velvet robe

Touched, felt
Blue velvet, mocha and coffee
 She, her, hers
 Thank you lord,
 For another day.


(poem by Wesley Morris)

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