Today things can change!

One thing we have to learn to do is control our emotions and have self control. If we all sit down and think about all the times we got into something we knew we shouldn’t have, or what said something we regret it all was because we weren’t in full control of our emotions and we lost self control. God ordained struggle for us all no matter what level of expertise we are at. Right now you may not make over $1,000 so you are struggling, when you start making $1000 you will have new struggles so on and so on. What we have to understand is struggles is what take us to our highest potential. I know it’s cliche to say “what don’t kill you makes you stronger” but if you are conscious enough to see the lesson within every struggle that statement is absolutely true. When we go through trials and tribulations it’s not always a test on us it may be to build faith in someone else. I know for me whenever I jammed my finger in basketball I use to ask my teammates have that ever happened to them so I could see if I would recover and how much healing was possible for me. Same with struggles in our life your struggling and overcoming might be the little faith Simone who you don’t know is watching needed.

Everyday can be a new beginning.

Although we go through so much and so frequently we can be in full control of how they effect us. If we have a bad day today we shouldn’t be down tomorrow because something happened that has the POTENTIAL to change the rest of our lives we should be excited because tomorrow we can be in full control.

Have you ever been angry at home or frustrated and you get an unexpected visit at your door? What happens at that moment? You get yourself together, your attitude changes and you go to the door like you were never mad so you can have a good impression right? Well that’s what we can do to everything if we focus on mastering ourselves. Once we master self, there is no external person or force that can trick us out of our position. Thank you for reading the article, to keep up with me follow me on social media below.




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