Young black entrepreneurs inspired by snacks!

How I met AJ & Reggie

While at the #Hoops4Healing Basketball event which was created to bridge the gap between the Dallas Police department and community after the loss of the 5 police officers during the downtown shooting, I saw 9 year old AJ and his 7 year old Reggie with their photography and table set up. They reminded me a lot of my younger self but it was awesome talking with them because the mindset I had just developed going into high school AJ had at the age of 9. He told me they started their photography business “Tag Team Photos” because they asked their mom for snacks one day, but she didn’t get it so they started a business to get their own snacks. I also spoke with their mother who has her own Dallas magazine about how she raised them, check out the video below for the full story #BBXNews

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