Sully the Movie Cover

I have decided to give the world the healing it needs and write out my thoughts on Sully the plane movie

A week or so before the election that destroyed our country, I watched the movie Sully with my good friend. I have a few thoughts that I have not yet shared, but after seeing inspirational and thoughtful posts from friends and family, I have decided to heal the world in the best and only way I can: by talking about Sully the plane movie.


  1. In the beginning of the movie, Tom Hanks has a nightmare that Katie Couric is mad at him. We know this is a nightmare because he wakes up from it. The rest of the movie does not revisit this. We are left to assume that Katie Couric remained angry with Sully until their dying days.
  2. When the plane is hit, Tom Hanks says, “Birds.” I wish he would have said “Canada geese” out of respect for the type of birds that also starred in this film. The credits of the movie don’t just say, “Man: Sully”, they say, “Tom Hanks: Sully”.
  3. We always heard that all 155 survived, but the Canada geese did not and this should have been noted.


  1. When people in the movie called him “Sully”, Tom Hanks did not stand up and say, “My name is Tom Hanks.” He proceeded as though his name was Sully. This is a sign of a good actor.
  2. The passengers were very excited to board the Sully plane, as though it was not going to crash in the Hudson. The subtlety of not having a character say, “I am happy this plane will not crash into the Hudson” made this movie realistic.
  3. It was confirmed that planes would rather land in a cold river than LaGuardia, which made this movie a very good burn on LaGuardia.

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped our national tragedy.