The caps lock key is probably the most useless button on your keyboard, and arguably the Internet would be a better place without it. One way to make it more useful is to turn it into a “hyper key”, which essentially turns the single key into a combination of Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+Shift. This allows you to associate new key shortcuts that are unlikely to conflict with other apps.

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I like to use the hyper key with the Alfred app launcher in order to quickly launch my most used applications (e.g. Hyper+C to open Chrome).

This is a tip I picked up from Wes Bos that I got running on Mac OS High Sierra from a blog post by Brett Terpstra. …

A data visualisation of Stefan Sagmeister’s survey on The Happy Film posters

Back in the spring my interest was piqued by a series of Instagram surveys by Stefan Sagmeister, that were drawing thousands of votes, and since then I’ve been using JavaScript code to count and visualize the results.

For some surveys, it was interesting to visualize the geographic location of each vote, and to look for patterns in different regions of the world. One of these was on the different poster options for the Happy Film.


The poster versions were designed for the film’s different distribution areas, and I was curious to see the geographic distribution of people’s preferred designs.

The labels we have to categorize the work creatives do are antiquated, but it’s not the labels that need to be modernized, but our understanding of the roles we play in our work.

Originally posted on February 4, 2015 and now moved to Medium.

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Working as a creative, I have a hard time explaining what I do when the omnipresent “what do you do for work?” comes up in conversation. Part of the issue is that the labels we have to categorize vocations are outdated and their realities have changed since they were first coined. …


Alex Brovkin

Designer of all sorts, web developer and data nerd. Trained engineer, yoga teacher in training. http://alex.brovk.in

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