11 South Asian Traditions That Are Sure to Blow up as Hipster Trends

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From Holi to Color Runs, chai tea to turmeric lattes, from dandiya raas to “Pound” workouts, and even artisanal chutney, who better than millennial hipsters to pick and choose the best parts of brown culture for mass consumption? Since, apparently, our South Asian grandmothers have been ahead of the “trends” for years, we predict which of Dadi’s secrets will be the next big thing.

1. Putting everything but yogurt in yogurt containers

Reusing yogurt containers is highly sustainable and they preserve everything from lentil soup (A.K.A. dal — it’s Paleo!) to kale products.

[Photo Source: Twitter.com/SketchyDesi]

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2. Using ginger and honey to combat the common cold

Sweet and spicy? That’s just two ingredients short of how the Powerpuff Girls were created! Combine these two totally disparate flavors to nip that cold in the bud and relish the confusing sensation of how awful they taste together.

3. Indian toilets

Why sit comfortably atop a porcelain throne when you can get a quad workout and also fear death by falling into a small hole?

Pro-tip: Ditch the toilet paper for a fresh, clean, not-dry feeling when you’re done. It’s the only way to stay authentic.

4. Three-hour movies with intermissions

This is basically already happening. According to Mashable, more Hollywood films — Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Revenant,” Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight,” and the newly released “Captain America: Civil War” — are practically as long as most Bollywood films. More big screen time means more popcorn, soda and entertainment, so who could say no to that?

5. Bhaang

[Photo Source: TheStorypedia.com]

This cannabis-milk beverage contains calcium and Vitamin D, which is super healthy, and make this drink 100 percent acceptable.

6. Arranged marriages

It’s easy! Just narrow your search by looking for people within a certain age range who share your interests. You’ll need a third party to introduce you, and you should talk or text online before you meet. Then go on a few dates, try it out and — oh.

FYI: This is basically Tinder, but with your parents instead of your phone. So duh, much better!

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