An Act of Self-Preservation: Part 1

Storm Collage by BrownNippleBraggadocio

Every possible rainfall, I pretended to invoke “Manon” (a fictional deity from The Craft) across from a church my family attended.

“I mean, if y’all can feel some sense of divinity by sharing the same damn wine glass w/ a whole congregation of sniffling/sneezing folks WITHOUT QUESTION, I should at least be able to control lightning. “ — 10-year-old rude-ass Jai

There were days I’d hope for rain immediately after service, to avoid cheek-pinching and awkward conversations about school or skin or growth spurts. Would silently celebrate loud claps of thunder, because my prayers were answered. Or the universe was looking out for a misanthrope. Or my powers were getting stronger.

Creating alternate universes became an excellent experiment. Shit, it may have even been impetus for figuring out how to save my own life.

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