I Duncan Smith and the Vicious Cutbacks

Dear Ian Duncan Smith

Do you want to watch a film with me? It’s not Captain America unfortunately but something you may find hard to watch. You can buy the tickets if you like as I know you like to claim all your expenses back.

It’s a film by Ken Loach.

You may have heard of it

It won the top award at Cannes

Why that piece of Independent cinema? Let me explain, it’s a gut wrenching film about people living on the benefits system and how it is designed to bring misery. As you are fully aware (I am sure you read some articles about YOU) this is the system you shepherded and bastardised.

We all complain and it falls on deaf ears because you can ignore what you want but it has taken a 70 year old filmmaker to come out of retirement to make a film that shows the audience what they system is like. As your legacy is tainted (not that you seem to care) we have a film that will live forever to remind us what you helped create. Your name will be universally linked to it.

Well Done

Kind Regards