The Colour Bias

They say if you are BAME and work in television, you have to work harder than James Brown… Ask anyone who isn’t BAME and they will say it’s horseshit, you work hard and you get rewarded. The black and Asian people who HAVE moved up the ranks have worked harder and are a lot more pushy to move on up.

But this happened.. And to me it happened!

So, I worked with a colleague who was white and as I watched in amazement as he got promoted three times while I held the same position.

Was he better than me? Probably.

Was he politer to his colleagues than me? No.

The gent in question was rude to everybody on the team and even made some of the ladies cry.

That guy got promoted. Somehow he got away with murder and still worked his way up.

Also he earned 15% more than me. I know as he left his pay details open on the open plan computer. Neat huh? Nothing like unintentionally rubbing it in!

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