“Because your eyes closed

in trailer, castle, hut and cave

Your eyes are open”

Steve’s mom sent along that beautiful haiku in honor of our return to the USA. Steve and I landed on a Thursday morning and have packed every day full, despite our initial lack of employment (of which we have been constantly reminded when browsing houses and cars). The first week was spent primarily at the Zolkitchen farm. We spent our arrival day on Thursday indulging in Skillet food, café Vita coffee, DMV lines, my favorite Vietnamese mani/pedi establishment (“You’re back! And you’re still pretty!), customer service at Nordstrom, lost wallet, drivers license—and caught a ride south to the farm when Christina arrived at SeaTac on Thursday night. Then of course we doubled back north for the Beth (and Stephan) wedding ever on gorgeous Lopez island. We spent one week in a friend’s apartment in Capital hill, spent a weekend in the coast, spent a week at Melissa and Zen’s in Edmonds, and continue to stash gear in the Subaru Forester that we’re technically living out of.

Last week we stayed in Maggie and Noah’s guest room in Beacon Hill. Steve tried out a few bus and light rail commute options and gleamed praise from some hot shots at Zillow while I spent the days stand up paddleboarding around Seward Park and practicing yoga. It was especially delightful to drop into Laura Humpf’s studio (http://rainierbeachyoga.com) in a show of solidarity after the insane flurry of media sensationalizing and even death threats. also worth noting is their dog bear , who is an amazing napper.

Steve, Noah and myself raided the garage on Saturday and biked south along the Chief Stealth trail to the Kubota Garden. This is a gem of a park amidst a bustling city and was exploding with autumn hues amidst waterfalls and serene ponds.

Yesterday we came back to Edmonds just as Beth and Stephan finished butchering a mule deer. So, dinner was clearly amazing (and I didn’t even tell you about their homegrown potato soup and garden fresh salad)! I’m heading out to Leavenworth tomorrow to hang (help?) out with Christine during her move to Spokane.

Mostly, I’m practicing love.

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