Top Designs of Wall Covering — 2017

Natural surfaces, tactile textures and antiqued patterns are the theme behind our latest intros.

All are fabric-backed vinyls : heavyweight, durable, scrubbable and fire rated so ideal for public areas, corridors and stairwells. Let’s have a look.

CORINTH is inspired by greco-roman architecture and ancient frescoed walls. The smooth stone texture complements the fragility of the stencilled overprint.

Corinth wall covering

Keeping with the theme of natural surfaces;

TERRA and CORSA recreate a chiseled stone texture — in Matt and pearl finishes.

HEAVY METAL is smooth, mimicking oxidized metals in color combinations such as lapis and gold, black and terracotta, or antique white and sand.

MERCURY GLASS is fissures and textured, with flakes of metal ink glinting and glistening in deep crevices, and wood is good! AGAINST THE GRAIN is matt, textured and weathered. Available in 6 colors, the planks are offset giving a seamless finish.

Mercury Glass Wall Covering

TIMBER in contrast is self-coloured and iridescent. There’s a hint of charred wood texture here and the design creates a very subtle panelled effect. With weaves as our backdrop, we also look to traditional print techniques from African, Asia and the Far East.

Timber Wall Cover

BOHO STRIPE celebrates the art of shibori, tie-dye and batik. It’s certainly dramatic, and colours include vivid pink, grunge green and the simplicity of black and white.

Boho Stripe

Fabric effects are key:

JET SET is matt, with layers of colour creating depth and texture. BALSA is a rustic, random weave.

CIMA shimmers with the tiniest hint of wood grain. But if a sleeker style is your bag.

BENGAL SILK. Using layers of slubby threads, Bengal Silk is set to become another best seller. Bengal takes the same background but with a bold Art deco-inspired overprint. Colours also nod to the deco era, concentrating on classic combinations of brass and black through to pale pistachio and pearl white And keeping with the theme of weaves, silks and fabrics here’s GYPSY.

Bengal Silk

This offers a twist on traditional tapestry. Threads are faded and worn evoking a sense of history and craftsmanship. If you’d like to find out more about our new intros, please click on the individual links here. Corinth, Corsa, Terra, Heavy Metal, Mercury Glass, Against the Grain, Timber, JetSet, Balsa, Cima, Boho Stripe, Bengal, Bengal Silk.