Did the NBA just make the biggest mistake ever??

How did you feel when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that the NBA All-Star game format would be changed starting this season? On October 3rd, 2017 Adam Silver announced that the NBA will be changing the from Western Conference vs the Eastern Conference to Captains of each conference choosing players from both conferences. If you are unfamiliar with the NBA and how they do their All-Star games basically they would have fans and players and media vote every year for the best players from the east and western conferences and they would have to play against each other now this year that idea has been thrown away and they have decided to change it to having two of the most voted players become captains and choose players from both conferences that were voted to be All-Stars and also a new addition is now that it will now be a charity game to help raise money to local charities.

To add on, with the new change many players have expressed positive comments on players from both conferences to be able to play with each other. Houston Rockets point guard and president of NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) Chris Paul had to say this about the change “I’m thrilled with what the players and the league have done to improve the All-Star Game, which has been a priority for all of us.” ““We’re looking forward to putting on an entertaining show in L.A.” So, coming from Chris Paul he seems very hyped about this change considering he can team up with any of his friends from the east. Another player that agrees with the change is forward of the Warriors Draymond Green and he said “I think the All-Star Game last year was pretty boring. So, I think for the league office, Adam Silver, Michael Levine, and all those guys to look at that and say it’s something else we need to do to bring some excitement to it, I think that’s great. I think that adds some excitement. Talking [about] the draft, all these different things, that’s pretty unique, so I’m not sure how it turns out but I think it’s a fantastic idea.” I also asked one of my roommates who is also a big basketball fan on how he felt about the change and he said “yeah the format needed to change after these moves that occurred this off season because if not the West would have murdered the East every year after and nobody wants to watch that.

But there are also negative comments about the change, Cavs forward Richard Jefferson had to say this on the change “It’s really kind of a joke. It’s sad from the standpoint of, ‘Oh, this is the most points since Michael Jordan scored 35 in ‘87,’ well, it was a completely different game. It’s tough when … no one had had a triple-double, now you have three guys can get a triple-double in one game because it’s just a float-around game. They’re changing it up ideally to make it more competitive. Hopefully it works.” Jefferson believes that it is not helping with the whole NBA branding and wants better changes.

In my honest opinion, I think the change of the all-star game was a bad idea because all it is really doing is snubbing young stars from showing the chance to prove themselves on a stage like that considering that everyone is watching that game, all it is doing is showing off stars that already have proved themselves. I think that they should give a chance to the young guys that have so many fans but get snubbed out of voting because people are on Steph Curry’s hype train. It also makes the East looks pretty weak in my opinion just because the NBA decided to change the game just because of the recent trades which had players go to the west and it tells me that they don’t care about investing into the young stars of the east.

In the end, I hope the NBA is making a smart move by doing this because if not there are going to be so many upset fans because of this.

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