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We had the opportunity to visit Rhode Island and photographed the day. I hope you enjoy sharing the day with us.

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Hello friends, today I went on a photowalk thru Boston.
My friend Al known as @bklynborn81 came in from NYC as a guest speaker.
I was great fun to catch up with Al.
We meet for lunch took a few photos down by the water front before heading back to his hotel
to meet Siley.

From there we embarked on a photo walk through the streets of Beacon Hill
to shoot the beautiful sights of a historic Boston neighborhood
and take a few portraits of each other.

The walk concluded across the Longfellow Bridge for sunset shots over the Charles River.
and just as we were talking about not getting that sunset due to the all day weather
the clouds started to open up to let the beautiful red sunset sky come through as the
sunset over Boston. …

Through Your Eyes With Ugo Cei

I had the opportunity to connect with my friend Ugo Cei live from Italy.
He’s a travel photographer and has started leading photo tours,
either via the company he founded, Mediterranean Photo Tours,
or as a photography instructor on tours organized by other companies
with whom he partners.
His tours are as much about photography as they are about visiting
some great locations, experiencing their culture and savouring their
best food and wine.

To learn more about Ugo and all tours he has planned for the near future.
Click the link below.

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Hello friends,

I enjoy telling stories through media including photographs, pre-recorded video, streaming live on many different platforms including YouTube.

In this post I would like to share a video I thought was lost, but found it this morning.

It’s a video I produced of one of my first trips to Japan. It was not easy as I was traveling, dragging my luggage behind me with one hand and trying to document this adventure with a camera in my other hand. As many of you that may have traveled to far away locations, you understand this was 26 hour door to door trip. Two cars, two planes and two trains. Yes I know Planes, Trains and Automobiles. …

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Old Barn In A Field

As we wait for the Blizzard of 2017 to arrive I went out to do a few errands. I came across this old barn in a field with a post and rail fence along the edge of the road. Had to stop an click off this photo. I think it looks good in black and white. How about you?

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Morning Glow

Took this photo the last day of 2016 just after a snow storm that left 27 inches in Maine. I left the place I was staying at 5:45 AM. It was minus 2 degrees F and I was looking for a sunrise scheduled for 7:17 AM a according to a sunrise/sunset time app I use from time to time. Then I started to see that morning glow. The time was now. As you know once the sun hits the horizon on the way up or on the way down it happens pretty fast. So the time was now. I took a few shots and tried a few different camera setting. This is one of the shots I like. Do you? Thank you for your comments.

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One a very early morning 5:45 AM I woke up and hit the road looking for a spot to photograph a sunrise. It was a very cold morning -2 degrees fahrenheit and I was on the move. I found a few interesting spots but my position was off just a bit to get a good angle. Then I saw it, with no time to spare I set up just in to capture this photo.

I was out for about three hours and captured a few nice shots.

The temperature would not allow one to wonder to far from the car. But it was a fun morning.

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click here to watch video

We had the opportunity to take Foliage Excursion.

We boarded the historic Essex Steam Train for a delightful fall foliage excursion, combining sight-seeing and photography.

This historic Essex Steam Train departed from Essex Station on a northbound trip that skirted untouched woodlands, trestle bridges, tidal marshes and inlets. As we enjoyed ourselves in the bountiful Connecticut River valley, foliage we pass through the quaint towns of Essex, Deep River, and Chester on our journey to Goodspeed Station.
After lunch in a lovely restored dinning car we traveled a short historic countryside ride to Gillette Castle for more beautiful foliage, photography and nature.
It was a great day!

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click here to watch video

Walk around Walden Pond and the spot that was once home to the renowned author, Henry David Thoreau.
The Walden Pond Reservation is located south of Massachusetts Route 2 and (mostly) west of Massachusetts Route 126 in Concord and Lincoln, Massachusetts. The reservation is 335 acres and its principal feature is Walden Pond, a 64.5-acre body of water. A short way north of the pond the site of Thoreau's cabin is marked by a series of granite posts. Portions of the pond's shore are beach, while other parts descend steeply to the water from trails that ring the pond.


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Massachusetts State Police Bagpipes and Drum Band warming up in the back streets of Boston before playing for an ALS event one of the band members said.


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