Tips for First-Time Campers in Alaska

A seasoned Alaska attorney, Bruce Weyhrauch has provided legal services to his clients as the owner of the Law Office of Bruce B. Weyhrauch, LLC, since 1998. When away from his professional duties, Bruce Weyhrauch enjoys camping.

Despite Alaska’s reputation for cold weather, mosquitoes are often an issue beginning during spring break up and ending with the first freeze in August. Bring plenty of insect repellent and a bug net to protect your face from these vicious blood sucking biters, especially when camping during warmer months.

One way to enjoy camping with a minimum of bugs is to rent a public use cabin. These cabins are available to the public for a small nightly rental fee. Cabins are sprinkled all around Alaska and may be rented through the National Forest Service or the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

Online resources for the cabins allow users to rent them online and each agency provides information about the cabins that are available, such as whether they are accessible by boar, trail, or air. Many of the cabins have oil stoves and some come with small boats for use.

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