The life of Brandon Ruetsche

Who am I? Where have I been? My name is Brandon Ruetsche. I was born in Arlington heights. Shortly after my birth, my family that consisted up of my older brother, mom, and dad decided to move to Florida. That only lasted a year because they got tired of that. We then moved to Wisconsin where I spent 3–4 years of my life. Things did not work out between my mom and dad so my mom decided to move in with my grandma with my brother and I until she could find a house in Arlington heights. I spent the majority of my life in the new house my mom found. High school was coming up for me and I did not want to go to St. Viator (where my brother is going) or Rolling Meadows. I talked with my mom, and in the next couple months we bought a house that would let me go to PHS. Closer to current day, my dad told me that I have an older half brother and sister and I am an uncle. I will be meeting the rest of my family during the school year. Life is good.


This song means a lot to me because it reminds me of my brother. He passed away in a car accident and if I was there I would make sure he would have worn it… potentially saving his life.

At 9:00 pm Friday night I was watching my brother play football with some of his friends in a Gumby costume. They played RMHS but were defeated.

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All three of these people inspire me because they all worked hard for what they have. My brother worked hard on getting a scholarship to a school, my dad physically works hard to earn the positioning in his job, and Roman (the last guy) because he started off with little and now is living big. You need to work hard in life to succeed.

One of my dreams is to be driving this car. This is a dream to me because it is a nice car and it would definitely fit my speedy needs. I have been working on earning money to pay for this car so in the soon future with a little help From my parents I might be able to make this dream come true.

In my opinion, life in America is great. We have freedom. Many countries in the world do not have any rights. We take what we have for granite. America is also known as the land of opportunity. If you want to do something, you can make that possible. Happiness is also a big part of my perception of America. Although not everyone is not always happy, many of us live good lives and do not realize what conditions others have to live in.

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