I Love My Job

Last week I was in China helping a new board of Directors define their team culture. As a team culture is the sum of the beliefs and values of each of its team members, the Directors decided to share anecdotes which had been a turning point in their life to understand what those values were. The first Director started:

“I was born in Mongolia in a poor family. My father was working hard for only 30 yuans* a month. I still remember the smell of the bank notes he was receiving at the end of each month in a big envelop. One day, my father opened the envelope and was surprised to discover that in addition to the 30 yuans there was another envelope. He opened it and found more money. He thought that it was because he had worked overtime during that month. The comfort of our house was very basic, so he decided to use this unexpected money as a down paiement for our first television. It was just incredible. There was now music in our house.

Then, the following week as he walked by the office of the accountant he saw her crying. She had made a mistake, placing the envelope with the salary of an employee in the envelope of another employee and she had no idea of who had received the two salaries. She was going to be fired. When my father got home, he unplugged the television and brought it back to the shop which refused to give all the money back as the TV had been used. So he used part of his next salary to fully reimburse the company. That month we were able to buy only two bowls of rice…”

Tears were running down his cheeks. Everyone was silent. Our eyes were also humid. I waited for a moment, thanked him and then asked:

“Which belief or value did you integrate from this event? Honesty?”

The Director looked at me for a few seconds, then in a shaking voice said:

“No. What I learned is: the courage to never, never hurt anyone!”

The medias can vomit trash at us every day, but ordinary heroes — like this humble man from the steppes of Mongolia — regularly remind us that we are all human and that humans are fundamentally good.

I love my job!

* 4 euros

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