Me and Patrícia sharing a not-so-great dessert in Rome (looks good, though!)

If I’ve helped you, consider donating…

To one of these institutions I support.

(tl;dr; Scroll to the bottom for the list. Donate.)

Up until 2013, I used to accept donations, as an individual, and at emotionLoop as well.

This was because I have built (and continue to build) a lot of free and open source stuff, which people tend to appreciate and want to show gratitude, financially.

I’ve never did it for the money, and the main reason was usually just to learn or experiment with some new technology, or even scratch a personal itch.

Don’t get me wrong, though, it was good to know people were just giving me money over stuff they didn’t have to.

Because it was weird to actually accept that money legally (I’d have to invoice it, etc.), I ended up just using it to donate to other institutions, like Mozilla, Ubuntu, Kiva, and the likes.

No longer accepting donations

In 2013, I started feeling like asking for donations was creating me anxiety. If I wasn’t doing those things for the money, why ask for it?

So I stopped accepting donations everywhere. Those projects, like most open source ones, were running on time, not money.

It felt liberating, like you feel when you give away stuff you apparently didn’t really need, à la minimalism.

But… I want to thank you!

Not long enough, I started having people asking how they could give me some money.

Some were actually a bit angry I didn’t accept.

It didn’t happy that many times, but it eventually made me start thinking about how to make those people happy, and not fall into the same pattern I had before.

Suggesting donations!

It struck me (in reality, my better half, Patrícia, gave me the idea when I was explaining I wasn’t sure what to do), that I could simply suggest people institutions I support and frequently donate money to.

That way, they can feel they’ve helped, I can appreciate it even more, and everyone’s happy-er!

So, here are a few places I frequently donate to, and if I’ve helped you, or you love using something I’ve built, please consider donating to one (or more) of them:

I also donate to smaller charities or organizations at times, but these are the ones I give more to, and I’m more confident they spend the money well.

They’re amazing and I believe they help the world become a better place through sharing and educating.

Thank you!