In the anime Rokka no Yuusha the main character is always smiling. In this video he explains why:

Flamie: “The situation is dire. Why are you smiling?”
Adlet: “Of course I’m smiling.”
“I’m still the strongest man in the world.”
“Things are really bad, and I won’t let it get to me at all.”
Sage: “Laugh at despair!”
Adlet: “I can’t wait for tomorrow…”
“That’s when I’ll destroy the enemy’s plan, and both prove my innocence and the fact that I’m the world’s strongest man.”
“I can’t wait for sunrise.”
Flamie: “Delusion”
Adlet: “No! Willpower!”
“I don’t know who the eighth is. I have no idea how I’ll escape from the other Braves!”
“But if you can’t smile anymore, it’s all over.”
“So I’m going to smile!”
“And I’ll never give up!”

He was trained since a kid to always smile, no matter what the situation ahead of him is, always smile.

Positive thoughts will lead you to the best results, this has been proven. Successful Navy SEALs have a positive mindset, the ones that talk positively to themselves are more likely to pass all tests.

The following video explains it in detail:

This is an example to follow, always smile and never give up!

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