My Great Change-Focused Improvement — Andela SLC 3 Uganda

Adaptability is a passionately hard service with much fruit without infirmity

Once knowing that learning never stop, I keep remembering a statememnt that goes;
 “No one is bright enough not to learn from another and neither is anyone too stupid not to teach another”.

In joining Andela, here comes day 2, week one of the Self Learning Clinic (SLC), we are about 50 in the main chatroom but distributed in about seven groups of learning and getting closer in knowledge of each other as well as studying. 
All of us learn from another and teach another with the help of our Learning Facilitators (LFAs) to each group and here, learning gets too fast with the fast communication and feedback from all team members.

I stress Adaptability because it is what enables any committed person to join any place, any time, any where and at any cost provided opportunity is given and as a person, this is a very good skill to learn.

Andela has values in abbreviation as EPIC for Excellence, Passion, Intelligent and Collaborative or Commitment to anything that is in line reaching ones’s goal to “Becoming a World Class Developer”.
So you go YOYO — You Own Your Own!

Thanks to Andela!

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