An Ode to the Almost Lover.

You made my heart beat like a humming bird

With every smile you flashed I felt alive

The soft touch of your hand sending shivers down my spine

Your sweet kisses electrifying my soul

Your harmless pranks leaving me in fits

Of laughter, oh how much we laughed that year

We had good times and bad times

But today I will celebrate our best

The day we went to the falls

And you wrapped your body around mine

At the bridge where we talked sweet nothings

The movies we saw together when really I was watching your sweet movements

The way you would hold my hand and make me feel like a prince.

The way you cheekily smacked my ass at random

You sneaky bastard

The nights we had dinner, making small talk

Like an older couple who’s been through it all

I miss you, you’re the best and worst I ever had. You’re my almost lover.

God bless you, you glorious asshole.

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