Habits in the Classroom

Over the past seven months I have learned what it is to be a college student. At least in the classroom. I take English Composition in my distance learning lab inside my high school. I wouldn’t necessarily say the type of work is harder, the material is just different. But the problem comes with the speed and ability to write a five page paper in two days then turn around and do a research project. The workload is a little bigger I must admit, but the only real problem and difference from high school, in my opinion, is that you always have work to do and it’s never small. In order to be able to survive this one class I have had to acquire certain habits. Without these habits it’s really hard to get through even one class. First off you need to force yourself to be curious, especially in a class where you are constantly asking and questioning things, you have to have the ability to be curious of a topic and find a deeper meaning or sense of the topic at hand. To help acquire that curiosity you must be open minded. You don’t have to accept everything and be okay with it but you have to be willing and able to listen to all sides of an argument and analyze it efficiently. Analyzing is no easy feat either, you also have to be creative. To some it’s easy to just come up with things to write or ways to see things easily, but for people like me, creativity isn’t our forte. I have had to learn how to be persistent in my thought process and not just give up when I can’t think of anything.

Now all those skills are important and I have learned just how important they are by acquiring and using them. But the most important skill/habit out of all of these is responsibility. This means little to no procrastination, no trying to find a short cut to writing a paper. What is given to you is what has to be done. I guess it’s like life, what you get is what you get and you deal with it. That is what college is about anyways, you taking more steps towards real life and adulthood. I am learning all of these things just by taking one college class in high school. I sure am glad I didn’t wait to more years to jump into this tangled mess we call the college life.

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