Intro To Reading

Do you remember that first book that you picked up and read it completely by yourself. Without push or shove from someone trying to get you to understand it or finish it the way they had. For me this book was Harry Potter.

I picked it up and kept on reading and reading. It took me two years to finish the series, but by the end I realized something. That was the first time I had actually read a book that I liked. This showed me that there are options out there, other than the ones assigned to you in that seventh period reading class that you dread going to because you have to read another book on the Holocaust, or some other historical event that has been taught to you numerous times before. So if you ask me if “reading for fun” is possible I’ll tell that it is. You just have to explore your options. I know that I’m more of a slow reader. That means that if I’m going to be reading something it can’t be long drawn out paragraphs that focus on one little thing. I need quick descriptions and a lot of movement, or else I lose interest in it. If we were talking about movies I’d compare it to an action-packed thriller. Knowing the type of reader you is important, because when you read for fun, you’re trying to entertain yourself not be bored. So by knowing the type of reader you are, you are able to kind of have a better view on the type of person you are.

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