Become a Zoo Keeper for a Day at Jacksonville Zoo

Bryan Bartlett has spent more than 15 years building a career as a real estate consultant through his work with the Jacksonville, Florida-based Newmark Grubb Phoenix Realty Group. Also a dedicated member of his community, Bryan Bartlett has served as a development and marketing board committee member with Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Home to over 2,000 animals, Jacksonville Zoo has exhibits for visitors of all ages. To foster a love of wildlife among its guests, the zoo features numerous opportunities for both education and entertainment. One such guest experience allows individuals to become a Zoo Keeper for a Day.

Participants in this program gain the unique chance to meet some of Jacksonville Zoo’s animal residents face-to-face and learn about how zoo staff care for them. Throughout the experience, visitors accompany trained keepers as they enter different enclosures and fulfill their daily responsibilities.

Jacksonville Zoo constantly rotates its zoo keeper experiences, meaning that each week brings new opportunities. Those who choose the Elephant Barn program, for example, get to work with the zoo’s resident giraffes and elephants. Throughout the day, participants help clean the enclosure, bring in new food for the animals, and watch as the keepers work on elephant training. Other Zoo Keeper for a Day experiences include Predators of Africa and River Valley Aviary. At the end of each program, guests leave with their own keeper nametag and a commemorative animal photo.

Bryan Bartlett of Jacksonville

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Bryan Bartlett of Jacksonville currently acts as North Florida Region chairman for the Industrial Transportation Property Network.

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