Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center — Career Resource Center

Prior to becoming the senior vice president and partner at Newmark Grubb Phoenix Realty Group in Jacksonville, Florida, Bryan Bartlett attended the University of Florida in Gainesville where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and advertising. Bryan Bartlett is also currently a board member of the University of Florida Bergstrom Real Estate Center Advisory Board.

The Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center at the University of Florida helps students who want to develop careers in the real estate industry. In addition, the Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center assists students with learning how to conduct research and provides a center for the exchange of real estate information among industry professionals and students.

The Real Estate Center also helps students with job placement to help them begin their careers in their chosen field. The Center includes a career resource center that helps students define their goals and interests along with career fairs and a job board to connect students with companies looking to hire students with their qualifications.

Bryan Bartlett of Jacksonville

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Bryan Bartlett of Jacksonville currently acts as North Florida Region chairman for the Industrial Transportation Property Network.

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