5 Tips For Success Architecture Students Need To Follow

Architecture is a very rewarding field. Seeing your creations come to fruition in the form of a structure is truly rewarding. It is especially lovely to see people interacting with the structure and the structure interacting with its surroundings. While there is no direct formula for anything, the majority of successful architects go to architecture school. Architecture school can be very challenging, but it is well worth the challenge. If you’re currently studying architecture, you may be experiencing a good deal of stress due to the rigor of this line of education. Here are a fewtips on how to get through architecture school:

1. Interact with your classmates

It may seem obvious that interacting with your classmates will make you feel better by way of camaraderie, but there’s more to it. You will also learn from your classmates, just as in any field. You’d be surprised how many important lessons are not learned from professors, but by your peers. If you are friendly, others will be friendly to you and this will create a worthwhile connection.

2) Get good at writing

While your creative genius may be predominantly in the field of architecture, writing is also a very important skill to have when studying to be an architect. When you become a good writer, you can better communicate your ideas to others, thus leading you to much more success in the professional world of architecture. You’ll also have a better idea of what to say during critiques and reviews. Being able to create something artistic is amazing, but speaking and writing about it eloquently is just as crucial.

3) Teach yourself

While learning from teachers and fellow students is important, there one other fascinating person you can learn from: yourself. There are many important lessons that will not always be included in the curriculum, and it’s a good idea to teach those to yourself. We are lucky enough to have access to the internet, a source for so many different kinds of information. You can find a number of tutorials on any skills that you may want to learn, and those skills will benefit you in the future.

4) Be a good studio neighbor

When you work in a studio with other people, it is important to be considerate. Make sure that you always respect others. Do not touch other people’s models or the belongings on their desks unless you are given explicit permission. Also make sure that your studio is a place for work rather than fun. While you may make friends with some of your studio neighbors, you should keep the socializing to a minimum, especially if it’s loud. If you have a phone call, you should take it outside, and music should always be listened to on your headphones.

5) Don’t skip class

This piece of advice seems obvious, but many architecture students skip class to work on their studio projects. It is easy to think that if you are being productive doing something other than going to class, then there is no harm done. This is a myth. Going to class is extremely important. It gives you a break from the studio while also bettering your education. Not to mention skipping lectures to work in the studio is disrespectful to your professors who spend time preparing their lectures.

These were just a few tips for anyone entering architecture school. Architecture school is an incredible place, and if you make the most of it, it can be an extremely enriching experience. It is bound to be challenging, but the best thing to do is embrace those challenges and use them as learning experiences. I wish luck to anyone in architecture school and I promise the end result is worth the obstacles!

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