“There Are No Actual Adults”

“I’m sick of being told that the only grown up mature responsible moral reasonable thing to do is to vote for the mass-murdering imperialist psychopath.” — Christopher J. DiLoreto hits the nail on the head.

It makes me think about the concept of “adulting” which is inherently tied to the failure of the pro-Clinton Boomer generation to create a society that would be better than the one they inherited. The structural tools (cheap college, good wages, union jobs) that gave their generation the type of wealth and stability necessary to marry, buy homes, and start families at 25 are gone; and the grasping of these tools comes much later and in gradual phases.

“To say you are “adulting” is to, on some level, create distance between you and what are implied to be actual adults who are adulting 100% of the time and therefore have little reason to acknowledge it. Or if they do, they might instead use phrases like “going about my normal day.”” — Katy Steinmetz, Time Magazine

The distance between us and the “actual adults” is an illusion — THERE ARE NO ACTUAL ADULTS. There is no point at which you magically pass from adolescent to adult, no magic age at which you suddenly understand and “have” maturity. Understanding and knowledge are a matter of consciousness — individuals coming to understand their class and societal position; and how to use them to develop a more equal society.

“Adulting” is a rebellion against the current “adult” ideology of capitalism and neo-liberalism. It is a way to say, “I must do this to survive in society, but it is not me.” That distance from identity and action can serve as an ideological mask that allows you to keep participating in a corrupt and self-destroying system — or it can serve as the crack in the system’s wall that allows you to break free.

Estoy todavia la juventud — I am still the Youth, and I can still dream of better worlds.