Perils of Convenience: In Technology, In Life

Convenience is complacency for things that have a high level of “ease of use” but may not meet all of our requirements or standards. If we like it, and find it reasonable, there is no need to change.

This is where I say: beware of the things that make you idle. And by idle, I’m not suggesting you don’t relax… Ben Franklin said “Trouble springs from idleness, and grievous toil from needless ease.” I know I might sound old fashioned and frumpy, but he was onto something well before a lifestyle of convenience was imaginable. Actually... I’m wrong. Slaves made things convenient and then there was a Civil War that killed way too many people. I know that is fairly dramatic example, but I strongly caution those who always look for the easy and comfortable way to solve their problems.

Some less serious (and more relatable) examples of convenient actions:

  1. Taking a terrible selfie rather than asking a stranger for some help.
  2. Walking into a big-block store and buying generic mass-produced products rather than searching for something a little more unique and personal.
  3. Texting “Hey” to a friend you haven’t seen in a while rather than picking up the phone or driving across town to see them.
  4. Exclusively staying in and streaming movies with your significant other rather than going out and bungee jumping or finding activities that will create new memories.
  5. Typing political protests on social media but not going out and actually voting.

In Conclusion

Convenience is a great thing, it gives us the ability to live life without the everyday worries of the particular things that we don’t like or find even mildly annoying. But everything in moderation.

Some people are fit for a complacent lifestyle and that may suit them, but I also present the challenge to try expend a little energy, try something different and potentially experience a bit of discomfort.

Convenience can make us lethargic and bubble us from new experiences. I hope that when you are presented with an opportunity that will make your life easier, you will stop and think “What might I be missing out on?”