Is there anyway you could build this functionality into your site, or create a Flickr channel of…
Greg McVerry

Thanks Greg, you are of course quite correct — and even though what takes me considerable effort to create I think justifies 5mins of a linked attribution (which is quite important in terms of visitors and rankings, and ultimately keeps me afloat), it’s not laziness or maliciousness, but merely the path of least resistance. Life is short.

I wonder if those that do respect CC attribution (or even checked out what is under the hood) are those that are also creating and releasing under a CC licence — i.e. they have skin in the game, and wish to be treated in the same way.

I looked at Flickr in the early days, but I couldn’t seem to automate it so that my own domain remained the inbound link to the original works. Maybe I need to revisit that.

However, I absolutely do need to include a line beneath the image itself with a sample attribution that someone could easily copy and paste — and I can’t believe I haven’t thought that before.

And thanks for taking the time to comment — you’ve helped me. :)


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