You get awaken by your alarm clock at 7:00am. You know your day is going to consist of being at school from 8am to 3pm and in between there you will have one lunch and a break from classes. After school you have practice from 3:30pm to about 5:30- 6:00pm depending on how your coach is feeling that day. After practice it’s your time to make it home to shower, eat and do some homework and wake up again to do the same thing as the day before. This will be your life for about 3 months while your sport is in season. Now your abilities have stayed put compared to everyone else’s and you get the opportunity to continue playing the sport at a higher level meaning college. College sports is a whole other monster who is bigger, faster, stronger and more challenging than what you faced before. But what is on the other side of that monster? For everyone that journey is different. For some people, doors open up to pursue bigger and better monsters like pro sports. To others, it’s the end of the road and they find a new path to carry on with. Therefore, what makes this monster of college sports difficult is the fact that there is something always changing. For example, for students the first week of school is usually the best because it is easy and there is usually no homework assigned. The first week of school, for most students, is learning the syllabus and what the course is about For a student athlete, the first week of school is completely different. This is the first battle with the college monster. To some, the first week is known as “Hell week,” this is a time when they weed out the weak, the non motivated and the slackers to have a core group of people to battle together and for each other through the long hale. Let me just take second to walk you through what I mean when I say the long hale. Waking up at 5:30am to be at weights and conditioning practice by 6am which last about 2 hours then from there heading to your first class at 10am, which goes until 11:50 then having another one starting at 12pm to 1:50pm. Then leaving yourself only a small amount of time before you have to be at your second practice at 3pm which last until about 6:30pm. After that you head to a mandatory study hall that begins at 7:00pm. At this time, there is only a short break to grab a quick snack since study hall will end at 9:00pm. From there you have to finish whatever homework you didn’t do and get the bed to repeat the day again. Doing this everyday for six months until the time your season finally starts is a battle that is difficult to win. Some student athletes succeed and come out on top and others drop out because the battle was too much for them. This is the start of an unpredictable battle.

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