Zach Braff in Garden State.
Zach Braff in Garden State.
Credit: Garden State // Fox Searchlight

The glamorous life that Nomads portray on their Instagram Stories and Facebook Pages don't reflect the true nature of traveling from bus to city to city to country. It's a tough and lonely road. If you're not ready to reset your social circle with every new pulse then you're not ready to be part of this lifestyle.

Here's the truth: as someone who's over the age of 30, making friends is difficult as fuck. Not only is it difficult when you still live at home, but more so when you leave everything and everyone you've ever known behind. How do…

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Welcome to the world capital of tacos, luchadors, and Coca-Cola. Mexico City, or CDMX as its colloquially known, is a bustling city of near 9 million inhabitants. If it's your first time venturing into Latin America then I wouldn't recommend any other city to pop that chili flavored cherry. Unless of course, you hate large cities then I'd recommend you get out as soon as that ADO or Primera Plus bus can take you.

One of the reasons why CDMX is a great LATAM starter city is due to their Spanish, which is known to be one of the more…

The Digital Nomads Guide to Living and Working in México Part 3: Beach Edition

Living that beach life in Sayulita, Puerto Escondido, and Tulum

Living in a small beach town is like living within a mathematical equation. You’ll have your constants where the only variables that change are the people you interact with on the day to day, and the weather. If neither of those change then you’ll always be left with A+B=Friday nights at Camarons. This may not hold true for every beach town in the world, but look where you are; we’re talking about Mexican beach towns. In particular, we’re talking about Sayulita, Nayarit; Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca; and Tulum, Quintana Roo.

Some other constants to watch…

(Authors Note: Upon finishing this story I realized that one could probably use the advice in here to rent a place anywhere. The specifics, of course, can only be applied to Mexico, but if you’re in need of this guide than as my latin friends say: Vaya con Dios.)

There are plenty of reasons why many, or dare I say, dozens of Digital Nomads choose Mexico as their new base of operations. Whether it be its proximity to the US; it’s relatively cheap cost of living; or its great cuisine, there are few real downsides to committing to a (temporary)…

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Doctors office in Valladolid

Your answers to the How’s and Where’s of Nomading in the land of Aztecs, Coca-Cola, and Mezcal.


There are times when the culture shock hits me a bit too hard, and I find myself trying to ground myself in things that are familiar, but being in Mexico there are few things that I can relate to — even though I was born here. After years of living and working here I’ve found that working and traveling here takes a bit to get used to, and so does its culture.

Growing up in the United States afforded me plenty of luxuries and advantages to my Mexican counterparts. The biggest and most beneficial happens to be the fact that…

Safety Concerns, Visas, and Getting Connected in the Land of Aztecs, Coca-Cola, and Mezcal


During the month of December there are a ton of events celebrating little baby Jesus and his Mom. From a weeklong series of parties called ‘posadas’ to Christmas Eve where the stroke of 12 comes with the eating of 12 grapes and circling the block with a suitcase full of clothes.

The biggest of these festivities happens to be the Virgin Mary’s Birthday, which falls on December 12th. Not only is this holiday celebrated throughout the country, but it’s celebrated to such an extent that it’s not uncommon to see interstate highways filled…

So we’ve all been there, you receive an email from a prospective client where the first words you read were:

Re: Project Quote
Yeah, this seems reasonable. Let’s get the paperwork started. . .

You let out a small squeal of joy and reread the email 23 more times. Now normally this wouldn’t be too much of a deal since you’re getting project green lights all the time, right? What makes this one different? It might be the fact that it’s your biggest project to date, and with that comes $$$. You slowly get out of bed and try to…

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or the 10 Things I've learned in my 4 years of Nomading.

I get asked this question a lot. Mostly it’s when I’m sitting in a bar and have terminal or Sublime Text open on my machine and a fellow bar-goer asks me what I’m working on. 99% of the time I usually say, “Nothing really. Just hanging out”, but when that isn’t enough I explain how I go from place to place and work online, and this is what work looked like. If I had to guesstimate I’d say that 70% of my daily workload is dedicated to answering emails, either from clients or collaborators. So I follow up with, “I…


I go places and do things.

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