Advance praise for EVERYTHING THAT DUNKS MUST CONVERGE (a novel in 3 Acts)

(Image by Mike Langston)

“The Tim Duncan in this book is not the real Tim Duncan.”— Tim Duncan’s lawyer

“I meant to order the one by Flannery O’Connor, so this was unhelpful.”

— Undergraduate student

“This is not how my life nor The Decision ever happened. What you should be reading is The Hunger Games — now that’s a good book!”

—LeBron James

“This is a book of stories. The stories contain words. When I was told what they might be about, I grew sad. I thought I was the world’s only illiterate author and now I’m certain there are two.”— Gary Shteyngart

“A fantastic read! Wel-come-to-your-Ko-dak-moment, my friend! The exclamation mark feels forced. Will you pay me if we do it without the exclamation point?”— Reggie Miller

“The pictures were good. Maybe he should have included more of those. Maybe he should just give it out for free. Oh, he did that. Welp, there’s always The Rap Yearbook.”— Shea Serrano

“Finally, someone has written something more trivial than I could ever imagine.”— Percival Everett

“I would rather pay a fine.”— Mark Cuban

“I’m in it? Am I crying in it? No. Well, then it can’t be that bad.”— Michael Jordan

“What are we talking about — fiction? Fan fiction? Man, fuck Bryan Harvey!”

— Allen Iverson

“I heard our guys are only marginal characters in a handful of chapters. How does that make any sense?”— Steve Kerr

“It was a gross misuse of the entire NBA.”— David Stern

“A lawsuit is possible, at least a cease and desist letter.”— Anonymous lawyer

EVERYTHING THAT DUNKS MUST CONVERGE by Bryan Harvey will appear in September 2016. It will be published by You Can’t Eat the Basketball in three simultaneous installments. Each Act will contain original art and images by Daniel Rowell, Todd Whitehead, Mike Langston, and Elliot Gerard. Check it out. Spread the word. Come for the basketball. Reminisce on the death of an era.

Originally published at on September 1, 2016.