How To Make Money: Intro
Richard Reis

I have been using Simple almost since launch. My sole gripe is that on the rare occasion I need to write a check for something like a wedding card or something like that that I don’t have a quick way to do so. Aside from that I love the “Safe to Spend” concept and the visualization of being able to setup goals for various spending.

I have a long term savings goal setup and basically after I account for all my known monthly bills and pay my credit card bills to zero I throw everything that’s left into that savings goal. I will also then periodically “spend” against that goal and transfer money to an Ally savings account so I’m getting interest. I can still see whether I’m on pace for my various savings goals, but I don’t necessarily need to keep all my money inside Simple to do so.

Finding free ATMs can be a slight chore at times, but I so rarely need cash its not a big deal. I definitely recommend them.

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