Can you explain the difference between Facebook retargeting and remarketing?

Question asked by @shane_petty

So, really interesting question here because there’s quite a lot of blog posts out there with a lot of confusion and there’s a lot of people asking what’s the difference between retargeting and remarketing. So, let me set the record straight, really straight forward, essentially it’s the same thing.

Google released their product, their retargeting product some time ago, over a year ago, and they cleverly just called it remarketing and essentially what retargeting is, targeting people that have been on your website with banner ads and marketing once they are off your website, once they have left, in order to bring them back and to sell to them. This works really well with Google’s AdWords product, but it’s retargeting and Google called it remarketing. So now when Facebook and other platforms are introducing similar technology, similar retargeting technology, we’ve now got the two terms out there retargeting and remarketing but it’s exactly the same. It was, just primarily about bringing people back to your website, but now obviously with the Facebook product, it’s about bringing people back to Facebook or sending people elsewhere via Facebook. So that’s it, really straightforward, don’t worry about it. It’s definitely something that you should look into, whether you’re bringing people back to your website or focusing on Facebook, but it’s exactly the same.

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