How can you leverage YouTube in order to promote a brand and increase engagement? #HigherConsultants #AskPh

Question asked by @consultants2

This is a great question to kick off the episode with so thanks for sending this in guys. YouTube, phenomenal platform, it’s the biggest search engine behind Google out there, not just a video depositary. We’ve talked about this before; I think YouTube is a great place to use video from a storytelling perspective. When you look at brands, which was specific in your question, a lot of stuff out there are explainer videos, corporate, possibly quite wooden or staged, too shiny. I think YouTube gives you the opportunity to be authentic and incredible with your story but it’s the story that’s important. I would focus on the story, what’s the cause behind your brand? What do you stand for now? What are you trying to achieve? And how do you give value to your audience? If you talk about something that they care about, not just yourself and the internal aspects of your brand, I think you’ll connect much more with your audience. Of course you will know for sure if you bother to ask your audience what they would like to see from your brand. With a little bit of research you might get insights that surprise you and you can focus in areas which would get engagement right from the get-go.

Okay, now that’s how to approach it but from a tactical point of view I would also consider finding brand ambassadors with followers on YouTube, there are influencers in abundance out there and do some cross-pollination and see who you can play with, who you can work with to get a little bit more credibility and authenticity into your videos but you don’t have to do it alone. To get engagement out there network, find other influencers that are relevant and play with them and see what happens. Good luck.

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