I’ve got work experience coming to learn about social media for a week. Can you think of any creative tasks for them?

Question asked by @fiannahornby

Interestingly, I wouldn’t start with creative tasks, if you’ve got somebody in to learn the ropes of social media, the first lesson that I would teach them is, it isn’t easy and there’s a lot of hard work. Give them research tasks; let them do some group work for you, just so they know what they’re getting themselves into. So I wouldn’t start with creative tasks necessarily, of course if you want them to contribute in terms of creativity include them in some brainstorming sessions, pitch them some challenges, see what they come back with.

Maybe if you’ve got a list of blog posts you want them to get round to writing, give them a brief and some bullet points. Walk them through how they can seed it for you; get them to do some scheduling, some research and insights. Maybe send them out to an event and get them to report on it, give some value back to your community, so that when they leave, you’ve got something to use and build from. Depending on their age and relevancy to the company, ask lots of questions, what social media channels are they using? How are they using them?

So to conclude, teach them its hard work, give them some creative thinking, get them to get some work off your desk and ask them lots of questions.

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