If you have any ideas on Instagram marketing I would love to hear them. #AskPh is it worth the effort as a tool?

Question asked by @Andrealeyden20

Andrea, I’ve been looking forward to answering this question. As soon as I saw it pop up I thought, yeah, this is a good question.

Instagram is one of my favourite channels at the moment, and I’m getting quite a lot of value from it. I use tools such as Icon Square to see when the best time to post is, I also use unfollowers.com to see whose following me, who I’m following, who do I want to unfollow and whose engaging, so that’s a great help as well. Pic Deck is another site I use (similar to Tweet Deck) to follow followers in a stream of visuals, so you can see when people are engaging with you, what they’re posting, making it easy to spot who you should be engaging with. So these sites are of value from a technical point of view, and are worth using to see how you get on.

Some of the bigger success I’m seeing from Instagram is how you go about posting something. So the first thing is ensuring you respect the community, so the imagery has got to be great. If you put any inspirational quotes, which are common on Instagram, make sure its presented well and that you’re using the appropriate hashtag. Follow people you admire, people who are relevant in your space, see what hashtags they’re using and the response they get from their audience. You can learn a lot by analysing the success of others. You might want to try competitions and ask people to tag others, to prompt more engagement.

Make sure it’s right for your community, and the R&R you’re looking to get from social media, because I’ve jumped straight in and assumed it’s going to add value to your business, where on reflection maybe it’s not. If you’re selling product then I definitely think there’s an opportunity for you there. Make sure you’re using the link in your profile well, and when putting up posts, remind your audience that they can click on the link if it’s relevant.

If you’re in the knowledge space share insights, sound-bites, quotes. Give value to your audience, even if it’s in little snippets. They should show you through engagement whether they appreciate it or not. It doesn’t happen over-night, it can be difficult, there are a lot of barriers, you can’t simply just follow lots of people, give them links and build up a community instantly, you’ve got to work hard at this. The biggest thing is, find out what your audience appreciates and give them that value. Post frequently, regularly and when your audience is online, just keep plugging away.

Let me know how you get on, and make sure we connect, @bryan_phc, make sure you follow me and I will follow you back, and I look forward to seeing some great posts from you in the future.

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