Podcasting for the 1st time, I’m sorted on iOS with iTunes, but where is THE location for Android? Stitcher?

Question asked by @shane_petty

So this is a really timely question because this inbound marketing video series will soon be a podcast so many of you may be listening or watching this as a podcast, and you’re slightly confused right now. But it didn’t start out that way. So, let me just give you a little bit of advice in terms of where to put podcasts other than iTunes because a lot of people have asked this before now as well.

There is a couple of directories you could look at, couple of places, Stitcher is really difficult to find the link to sign up to Stitcher to submit your stuff. But if you go to the bottom there is a partner sign up link. Sign up as a partner and follow the process, it’s really easy there. There’s also Miro.com, check that out, there’s The Lounge. Microsoft had their own one called Zune, kind of like their own version of iTunes, that’s kind of disappeared now but believe it or not if you email podcast@microsoft.com they will still list it for you and it still will get found.

Now there is actually lots and lots of directories and lots of techniques to marketing your podcast if you’re just starting out so rather than me ramble on here, I’ve also created a blog post with a download for you to get your teeth into and really add some value to your podcasting. So check our latest blog post, it will be ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting’, so check that out on our site which is www.ph-creative.com/blog for more information on that one. But podcasting is definitely something we should all be considering this year, it’s coming back! I don’t know whether it’s a retro fashion thing or just busy in our cars, training in the gym or our lifestyle is typically busier, but podcasting is making its way back and it’s not to be underestimated.

The last one is a directory created by Jay Baer, many of you will know Jay Baer, he’s an expert in social media, he does the speaking circuit all over the world. He’s just released a website and he’s calling it the world’s first search engine for podcasts and that is www.marketingpodcasts.com so if you are producing a podcast make sure you list it there as well. For full information check out our blog and download our really useful guide to podcasting.

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