Webinars - live, automated? Which platforms recommended? Best practices… Cheers!

Question asked by @shane_petty

Ok, right off the bat I am not a webinar expert by any means but we have reviewed a short list. Gotowebinar, Webex, DimDim, that’s now been acquired by Salesforce, meeting burner the list goes on, if you google it you will find something. The key is look at the attributes, the features that suit your needs and requirements best that’s what we did. We’ve used Google Hangouts in the past, which has been fantastic for us especially if you’re interviewing people in multiple locations, really cool for that and also the feature I most like about Hangout is the on-air feature which means you can publish live to YouTube and generate public engagement. But the one we are using currently is called Spreecast, relatively new but some of the features I’ve been really impressed with. You can list your webinar, so it can be publically listed so you can generate traffic to your website and engagement long after you’ve done it or you can have a private if you want to do that. There are some marketing features in there that help you with awareness and sending out emails and getting engagement beforehand. But the interface is particularly interesting for us, really easy to share questions, share screens and it suits our needs.

The ultimate underlining thing here is you need to review the features of all of these webinar technologies and choose something that’s going to suit your business. We primarily give consultancy and advice and there might be the odd download or link that we need to share but you might have explainers, more complicated things so you really do have to drill into it and choose one that suits your business. Do you know what, ultimately it’s not about the technology, it’s about your content and it’s about doing it, having a go and get your first one out there and don’t try and make it perfect just do it as most people talk about it but don’t actually follow through. So the key thing is, just do it. If you do use webinars let me know and if you chose a specific technology and you find particularly useful let us know as well.

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