What are your thoughts in @Facebook and @Google battling it out for a 15 year old intern?

Question asked by @WeAreAdam

Ok, what a great question to end on, Ben Pasternak. Well done sir. You are 15 years old your first app idea game called Impossible Rush has half a million downloads, you’ve got two of the world’s biggest tech giants vying for your signature, the world is at your feet. Congratulations!

For the industry it really is fantastic, it really is, it just demonstrates that any kid out there with a great idea can have exactly the same success. I guess the fear, and just like that the football industry it’s going younger and younger and younger to find talent, the fear is a fifteen kid will get snapped up, his youth is gone before he knows it, his career is well underway and he’s swallowed up by a big brand. I would like to see this kid keep his independence and take investment, just like Mark Zuckerberg, and other start up successes, not be carried away with the pinball, the table tennis, the slides and all the fun, all that good stuff in Facebook and Google for that matter and really try and focus on the fun that you’ve had over the last 12 months working your own ideas. If it’s that good, they don’t just want you to work for them, they will invest in your ideas and it would be great if this is the catalyst for more fifteen-year-old kids around the world submitting their ideas, putting them forward or just having the gumption to put something together, put out there and get more success. I think it’s brilliant for the industry, it’s exactly what we need.

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