The Unfortunate Coming of Age

You cling so tenaciously to your friend, imagining in your oblivious head that it will be this way forever.

You have been through the sparkling clear waters that flow gradually to unforgettable experiences. Although you had been on deck a treacherous voyage that evaluated the bond you two had shared. You are so mesmerized by them, however the other has experienced a whole new relationship. A relationship that will create a potential barrier between your partner in crime, and your newly beloved partner. This coming of age experience combines both the gentle flowing waters of unforgettable experiences, and the treacherous voyage that will truly test the bond you and your friend both have.

The voyage will either mature into a flourishing relationship between your peer and your new romance, or an unhinged feeling of remorse; rupturing the link that once held you two together.

Your friend is blossoming, but you’re down in the dirt. You feel depressed, but you know its not right to wrong your peer. If they’re happy, then why shouldn't you be? You feel so selfish to put your happiness over your friend, but isn't that human instinct?

It’s hard to watch your friend from behind, watching them holding hands with their new-found partner. Walking away in a sunset setting, while your on your knees, wishing you could rewind time. Rewind back in the good ole days where growing up wasn't even a concern, and romantic relationships were cootie filled nightmares.

However, rewinding time is impossible. And you are back in the present watching them walk away. Will the credits begin showing, or is there a sequel?

Only time will tell.
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