Don’t Doubt

Too often, I find myself doubting both God’s power and my capabilities with the Holy Spirit at work within me. In these moments of doubt and fear, I realize I’m not alone. In the Book of Genesis, chapter 3, God gives Moses an assignment: to lead His people out of their misery in Egypt. After hearing this request, Moses immediately questions his own ability and qualification to complete this task. I feel as if sometimes, I do the exact same thing. I find that I would rather be comfortable in my faith. It’s almost as if I am telling God “Alright, God. I’ll do anything you want me to do, as long as it isn’t too crazy sounding.” When we have THAT kind of faith in God, we will miss out on things He’s trying to reveal to us about ourselves and Himself! Just as Hillsong United says I’m their song “Oceans”, I crave the kind of faith where my trust would be without any borders! I have seen God work through me when I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone. Though there will always be room for God to extend our faith in Him within our lives, the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to show me the wonderful things that can and will come out of stepping into the unknown. The world tells us to remain in our comfort zone. And if we want to look like this world, that is a great way to do it. However, since we have been saved by the blood of Jesus, God calls us by a different name than this world. So today, I would encourage us all to step out of our comfort zones. Whatever that may look like for you, just step out. In the gospels, Peter didn’t want to step out of the boat to walk on water towards Jesus. That most likely felt pretty uncomfortable to him. And even after he began to walk on the water, doubt creeped back in. But even when the doubt comes back, when the enemy thinks he has you back on his side, the story isn’t over. The Bible said that when he began to sink, the hand of Jesus caught him and pulled him back up. Just like this story in the gospels, no matter how many times doubt comes into our lives and we begin to “sink”, the healing hand of God will always be there to save us!

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