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OAK HARBOR, WA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / Americans consumed 27.3 billion pounds of beef in 2019, according to Statista. Consumers buy their beef at grocery stores more than half the time, but buying from a local farmer provides advantages over buying at a store. While these advantages are ongoing, local buying during the pandemic has allowed individuals to obtain beef that was unavailable in stores, says Bryce M Oxford, a Washington farmer.

Local farmers have seen a boom during the pandemic because of the shortages in stores, and most have managed to keep up with demand. Many also have not raised their beef prices as much as many other outlets, says Bryce Oxford. “A silver lining in the pandemic cloud has been that many people now realize the advantages of buying their beef from a local farmer and hopefully will continue this practice post-pandemic,” Bryce M Oxford says. …

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Oak Harbor, WA — ( NewMediaWire ) — August 28, 2020 — Bryce Oxford has always had a love for farming, which led to a natural interest in the FFA. As the FFA membership reaches record-breaking status, more people are learning about the benefits of the FFA program. There are currently 760,113 FFA members.

FFA Isn’t Just for Farmers

There’s a common misconception that you have to be a farmer to join the FFA. The truth is that FFA is open to anyone who wants to learn more about agriculture.

iCrowd Newswire — Aug 20, 2020

Bryce Oxford explains how small farms can thrive during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Oak Harbor, WA / Icrowdnewswire / August 20, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has affected several industries around the globe. The economic fallout associated with the pandemic has caused many unprecedented problems for farmers across the United States. As patrons stopped eating in restaurants and setting stricter budgets, farmers turned to the euthanization of farm animals and donated unwanted produce. However, Bryce Oxford explains that farmers shouldn’t count on shutting down their farms due to the health crisis. He recently offered multiple ways small farms can survive and even thrive during and after the pandemic.

“We may be seeing limited orders from some of our biggest clients, but we’ve realized it’s time to focus on the smaller ones,” Bryce Oxford said. …

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