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El tabloide británico Sunday Express aseguró en un artículo publicado el pasado 12 de mayo que la UE había aceptado investigar las acciones policiales llevadas a cabo por la policía española en el referéndum de independencia de Cataluña. Los distintos cuerpos fueron acusados de hacer un uso desproporcionado de la fuerza durante la votación de aquel 1 de octubre de 2017, que fue declarada ilegal por el Tribunal Constitucional.

La Comisión Europea dijo entonces en un comunicado que “la violencia nunca puede ser un instrumento en política”, y que el referéndum era “un asunto…

By Andrés Jiménez

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British tabloid Sunday Express published an article on May 12 claiming that the EU had agreed to investigate the intervention of Spanish police during the 2017 Catalan independence referendum. Back then, they were accused of using disproportionate force in order to stop the October 1 vote, which had been called illegal by the country’s constitutional court.

The European Commission said in a statement that “violence can never be an instrument in politics”, but considered the “not legal” vote had to be dealt “in line with the constitutional order of Spain.”

The Sunday Express reported…

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Andrés Jiménez

– ¿Quién ha tirado el vaso a la calle? ¿Quién lo ha hecho? — grita Dylan dirigiéndose a un muchacho apoyado en la entrada de la habitación.

El chaval apenas puede articular palabra, bien por el alcohol ingerido o porque está siendo vilipendiado en público por uno de los mayores genios de su generación. Los demás, alrededor de una docena de personas, dejan de cantar como si algo estuviese apunto de ocurrir; como si Dylan fuese algún tipo de animal salvaje de carácter imprevisible.

La tensión pasa, y pronto resucitan los cantos y los rasgueos de guitarra, mientras…

By Andrés Jiménez

Misinformation has become another factor to bare in mind when hosting an election, and it loos like it will be that way for a while. In Italy, where a new vote will be celebrated on Sunday, it has certainly played a big role.

Polls predict that the centre-right coalition will pull a comfortable win, although its leader, Silvio Berlusconi, will not be able to take office as he is banned from any public role until 2019. The centre-left coalition and anti-establishment party Five Star Movement, are battling for the second position.

It has been a campaign of…

Many things have happened since I decided to start Facterbot last November. What started as an exciting side project is now a full-time commitment that many of you have found useful.

Facterbot has now over 100 subscribers, and over 40% of them interact every day with our Facebook Messenger stories. This is outstanding, as no other platform could provide such an opening rate.

One medium that does reach a similar average are newsletters. They used to be a simple commercial tool that most of the time got spammed, but they have now become a very valuable resource for news organizations.

By Andrés Jiménez

A week after the devastating events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed by an unstable lunatic who was able to legally buy war weapons, lawmakers are busy trying to find new formulas that will prevent yet another tragedy.

Armed teachers, bulletproof vests in classrooms, reinforcement of background checks… I’ve heard many possible solutions to mass shootings, one of America’s most enduring and devisive debates, but none of them seem to tackle the root of this epidemic.

As a Spaniard who has never had to face this issue, I have struggled to understand…

Credits: Boston Herald / Matt Stone

The Philadelphia Eagles lifted the Lombardi trophy for the first time last night after defeating the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LII by 41–33, and in the era of fake news, it was expected that there would be as many bogus stories as touchdowns.

These started late January, when Facebook page Satire Daily shared a video claiming that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had admitted that some games had been rigged. The 6 minute long montage also shows players and referees recognizing the plot, but none of it is true.

Danny Lawson/PA

Andrés Jiménez

On Wednesday, several outlets including the Scottish Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and Scottish Daily Express reported that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had banned the Union flag on royal occasions, such as the Queen’s birthday. It was a cover story in all three newspapers:

La coordinadora de campaña de JuntsXCat, Elsa Artadi, durante su intervención tras el cierre de urnas de las elecciones catalanas de ayer.

Por Andrés Jiménez

No habían pasado ni cinco minutos desde el cierre de urnas y Elsa Artadi, coordinadora de la campaña de Junts per Catalunya, ya estaba frente a las cámaras para valorar la jornada electoral. Se mostró mucho más cauta que en su segunda intervención, cuando el escrutinio reveló que las fuerzas independentistas iban a volver a sumar mayoría.

Durante su discurso, Artadi lamentó que en algunos colegios electorales se hubiera intentado alterar los resultados, sin mencionar casos concretos. …

Overview of the 2017 Nobel Prize award ceremony. / © Nobel Media AB/Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

By Andrés Jiménez

Alfred Nobel’s last will was to give out most of the wealth he had made during the years to the brightest minds in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. He did so by creating five different prizes, one for each of these categories.

The awards, which were named after him, have been going on since 1901 and are now recognized as one of the most prestigious distinctions anybody can ever earn. They unleash excitement and expectation every year, but also some controversy now and then.

On October 9, journalists gathered to find out who was the 2017…

Andrés Jiménez

I love telling stories and sharing them in innovative ways. Previously at Agencia EFE's Image Desk. Spain delegate for Future News Worldwide 2017.

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