What stands between you and the life you want?

Photo credit: Richard Jansen

I sat on my bed. Could I really do this? Was I really qualified? I didn’t have the proper credentials. Who did I think I was?

What were people going to think of me? My friends were probably going to lose respect for me. What a stupid idea.

My chest and throat felt tight. My breath was shallow. I lay back and covered my eyes. What could I do?

I had started working on an online course on courage months before. I had come up with a structure. I had made one of the videos.

My sister and I had worked on a flyer. People had registered. And there was still work to do on the course. I needed to test the video I had made. There was another video to make and there were emails to explain the course to write.

The course was a week away and suddenly I was having big doubts. The gremlin voices were telling me how stupid was for coming up with this idea. I couldn’t do the work I needed to do.

I took a deep breath as I lay in my bed. A little voice inside me said, “Take a break. You still have a week to do all the rest of the work. Call a friend and do something fun. Watch a funny movie. Take a break.”

I took another deep breath. I could do that. I called a friend and did something fun. I watch Netflix and laughed. I didn’t try to finish the work.

And then five or so days later, I was ready to return to the project. The gremlin voices were still around but they were quieter. I dove in and completed what I needed to do.

A couple of weeks later, I was doing a follow up call with one of the participants. We were talking about her experience of the course and what I could do to improve it. It was fun and interesting idea brainstorm. I left the call energized. I loved this work!

Why is it the gremlin voices come out the strongest when it’s something we care deeply about? And how do we stop them from stopping us?

There have been 1000 times that I have listened to the gremlins and taken the safer path. Sometimes they come to me during the day, sometimes they take over in the middle of the night, sometimes they take over my life.

This one time I overcame them and got to run something I cared deeply about. Gremlin voices stand between me and the life I want.

What stands between you and the life you want?

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