Elsagate — An investigation into DisneyCarToys and related channels

In an earlier post about about Elsagate I discussed DisneyCarToys. It is a channel maintained by Sandra Johnson, who created a YouTube account in June 2012.

According to their Facebook page, they are located in San Diego, California:

the YouTube account of DisneyCarToys, we can take a look into the related channels:

If we look at the Sandaroo Family channel and the videos of this account, we see something strange if we take into consideration these videos are aimed at children:

We can see several videos like “BUGS EVERYWHERE”, “The baby HATES The Pool Toys Cries Inside our Watermelon Pool Float and Blow Up Pool Toys Swimming” and “Crying at the beach”, the more disturbing videos were uploaded earlier:

It isn’t really clear how a Baby trying to kill himself, electrocuting baby and kids playing to be “buried alive” is appropriate content for children.

According to their Fandom page, the Sandaroo Family Channel focuses more on Sandra and her family and their daily lives.

Sandra created the Sandaroo Family channel on april 12, 2016 after the success of the DisneyCarToys channel:

Among the playlists of DisneyCarToys, there is one with videos which have very similar themes with men in Spiderman costumes injecting children which are supposedly sick:

In the playlists of DisneyCarToys we see similar themes of kidnapping and doctors:

In the AllToyCollector channel, a sister channel of DisneyCarToys, operated by the sister of Sarandra, Valerie, we see similar strange content among the playlists:

If we look at the Google Plus of DisneyCarToys, we can see that DisneyJuniorUK is in their circles, possibly unaware of these videos:

Feedspot Blog Reader included this channel in their top 100 Kids Youtube Channels:

The question remains why companies like Disney associate themselves with DisneyCarToys and why Feedspot Blog Reader includes them on their list, while some of their videos are at the least questionable, with similar themes as Elsagate channels and DisneyCarToys in what they follow and by whom they are followed related to these channels.