The disappearance of Anne Faber and the strange tweet of @9_3x09

Since the 29th of September, a 25-years-old woman, Anne Faber from the Netherlands is missing. I got a message from Hadjar Benmiloud, a Dutch columnist about a strange tweet which is related to the mysterious codes which I described in my previous Elsagate article (Dutch).

In her tweet she made reference to my article and someone who was disturbing a police investigation and tried to send the police to what was thought to be an Asylum Seekers Center:

This referred to the following deleted tweet:

This was a code which was sent to the police. Someone decoded this with rot13 and found out that the tweet says: Hier is een tip, Dutch for “Here is a tip”.

The code in the image was encoded with ROT7 and gave “KIJK HIER ZOEK HIER ANNE FABER”, which translates as” “LOOK HERE LOOK FOR ANNE FABER HERE”:

The photo underneath was thought to be the asylum seekers center, but it was a business park in Zeist, probably the detention center.

One person tweeted Hadjar and found out that the profile picture of 9_3x09 was a garbled version of the Business Park or Detention Center in the tweet which this person sent to the police:

On his profile, the following codes were tweeted at the 2nd of June and the 8th of July:

The code above the image in the tweet of the 2nd of June was Googled, which gave another lead.

The Google result led to a YouTube account of a supposed Blackdog808292:

This account was also mentioned by the account AHMAD SYED RASHEED who said “S H U T I T D O W N” when 9_3x09 tweeted the blackdog808292 account:

This internet term means that something is public which should disappear soon.

This very strange account, blackdog808292, contains strange videos and codes. An image reverse search of the little girl in the profile picture leads to a video called: “HowTo: Apply Rubber gloves for the first time”, with in the description: “Donna likes rubber gloves”.

The fourth video of Blackdog808292 contains a disturbing image of what seems to be a woman at 0:57.

The video on how to apply rubber gloves contains a Twitter handle:

This Twitter handle, 808292bd leads to the following Twitter account:

The account tried to follow ZEAUX, but ZEAUX didn’t follow him back.

Both Zeaux and the person who tweeted to the police led to this Blackdog808292 account:

The diary fragments of ZEAUX_CXT:

This Zeaux also tweeted coordinates:

These lead to this place:

Pelzer, South Carolina, the place in which the Finders Cult resided about which I wrote too in the Elsagate article. All the codes are related to the Finders Cult in some way, but in what way this all is related to the Finders Cult is unknown.

808292 tweeted the following blurred image on the 5th of June, 2017:

One of the accounts which follow him is ENOG TON, this one doesn’t seem to lead anywhere though:

Another account which follows 808292bd is this one:

It contains a first tweet in which it tweeted a video called Saturn — Elsa and Spiderman with a Spiderman coming out of a toilet with music which might be produced by this person:

This Twitter video contains a comment by an account called “anon”, which commented “v nice”.

This account contains videos with titles like “mindless” and “doll”:

In doll 2 he puts a mask on his head it seems. One of the other videos is “cult programming mind control technique 005 ( M K U L T R A F E M A C A M P W A L M A R T 2 0 1 7 )”, which is perhaps an art project based on MK ULTRA, a CIA project from a few decades ago to influence the population with mind control techniques, see a Wikipedia article about it here.

The Saturn accounts also contains a video called “black tourmaline” and one with the title “mannequins” in which he shows mannequins:

Back to the Twitter account of 808292bd, this Twitter account has a tweet which was liked by someone called James Latham, a self-proclaimed foot lover:

His Twitter profile:

This same James Latham can be found on YouTube as being related to this mysterious Blackdog808292. In the videos up next on one of the videos of Blackdog808292, we can find one called Donna Posey:

In the Donna Posey video, the one up next is “April 11, 2017":

And strangely enough a YouTube comment says Rubber gloves, as if it is related to Blackdog808292:

In the April 11, 2017 video we see what looks like someone secretly filming police or people digging. We are unsure what the scene depicts:

What we however see in the comments, is this same James Latham:

On his Twitter in whom he follows we also see quite an obsession with this Donna Posey:

His Twitter handle is footlover808292, is he possible one and the same person as 808292bd?

Some people on 4chan researched this Donna Posey and James Latham, one person thought the blurred photo looks like a Donna Posey from Tulsa:

In the vide title of one of the videos of blackdog808292bd a user decoded the following message:

At 0:03 in the video a user found a code and solved it:

This makes the suspicion bigger that 808292bd and footlover808292 are one and the same person, taking into regard how they are both obsessed with this person called Donna Posey.

On his YouTube channel, James Latham uploaded one video:

This is a video of an empty house, after 0:39 sounds which are like whispering and dark voices can be heard:

It is incomprehensible how this is all connected, why would someone in this network send a tweet to the police about a missing girl in the news in the Netherlands and give clues?