Why atheism was a step back and a weak nothingness

Atheism looks like progress, but it isn’t, because it can’t win from the radical theological ideologies. Where as atheism regarded itself as the answer to the Christian Church and the immoral behaviour which it was related to, it now faces a new threat, Islam. And if we look at the demographical developments, we can see how atheism failed.

If we look at the growth of muslims in 2030, and we realize their voting potential in our democratic system, while their religion encourages them to make more children and atheism has no stance on it and doesn’t encourage atheists to reproduce, as atheism is a nothingness, it means that Islam will in the end win from atheism.

There are already 40% muslims in many Belgian school classrooms, where as their ideology is strong and will persevere if the current developments continue, the antidote, Christianity, was succesfully taken away from our peoples by atheism.

Atheism isn’t even an ideology, it is an absence of the belief in God and therefore a nothingness.

This is most likely why atheism never became popular in our evolutionary history, if you leave a big void in an area which can’t appropriately protect itself, it will let itself get filled with whatever is most powerful. Atheism is a suicidal cult which in contrary to Christianity has no opinion, it is only a disbelief in Gods, and a weak nothingness which will not help to protect a civilization, because something which is nothing can’t protect a nation against a violent, allpowerful ideology.

Richard Dawkins, you failed, and your atheism shows just why despite the flaws of Christianity or Judaism, a religion is the solution to protecting your civilization.